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SSL Certificates

Encrypted Internet communications

Web hosting under secure connection is essential for any website that is dedicated to electronic commerce and the visitors have to provide sensitive data, such as those relating to their bank accounts or credit cards. It is also highly recommended in all websites that have forms through which personal data is requested to visitors. In both cases, users should be sure that the data provided can not be read by anyone except the intended recipient, that this is who he claims to be and that this is a real entity.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a protocol that allows establishing secure and reliable connections between two computers via the Internet. Making use of a mixed public and private encryption key, SSL enjoys a high level of security it virtually impossible deciphered by other computers outside participants in the connection.

Applying SSL to web hosting generates the HTTPS protocol, which works similarly to the HTTP protocol (normal hosting) way, but through a secure client-server connection. HTTPS also incorporates a new feature: the ability to install a Security Certificate that authenticates the identity of the site that owns it. Thus, when a user visits a secure site, you can click on the icon for secure connection of your browser and know the identity of the site visited, with the assurance that there is a Certification Entity that has verified all data shown and granted a certificate for a limited time.

Although it is not necessary to have a certificate issued by a certification authority, it is highly recommended, as in the case of using a self-signed certificate (not certified by an external company specializing in SSL), visitors will receive a notice from his browser indicating that the visited site identity is unconfirmed, which in practice will make the most of your potential customers or subscribers do not come to be.

Due to the design of HTTPS, one dedicated IP address is required for each secure site.

Our offer includes:

  • A dedicated IP address for your SSL certificate.
  • Procurement, installation and annual maintenance of SSL certificate.

Important: only for customers who have their websites contracted with our company.